• Hundreds joined in the Palm Sunday procession.
  • Charitable Kidz helped raise $15,000 to build a well in Nigeria
  • Candidates for first communion enjoy their retreat
  • Father Ralph & Father Joe meet our new Bishop John Barres
  • We burn the palms to make ashes for Ash Wednesday
  • St Bernard's was represented at a community meeting on addiction issues
  • Hundreds come out for the stations of the cross on Hempstead Tpke


Welcome to the website of St. Bernard's Church in Levittown, New York!  Whether you are a visitor checking us out,  or a parish member looking for information, we hope that you will find what you are looking for here.  We encourage you to explore, and to get to know our vibrant community of Faith, Hope and Love.  Please feel free to call or e-mail us if we can be of any further help.

The latest news



Ways to help the victims of Hurricane Maria in Levittown, Puerto Rico

Levittown NY is twinning with the village of Levittown in Puerto Rico to offer support after the devastating hurricane.


Here are some efforts already underway:


The district is inviting students in the schools to write cards and letters to the students in Levittown, Puerto Rico. In addition they are encouraging monetary donations through their PaySchools system. Click on the flyer for info and Click here for a link to the PaySchools site.



The district is collecting items to be sent to Levittown,Puerto Rico.  All items must be dropped off to the Island Trees High School by October 30th. Click on the flyer for a list of items.




The diocese of Rockville Centre is formed teams of "spinners" and Zumba participants to raise money for Catholic Charities. Half of the money raised goes to Catholic Charities on Long Island and half is returned to Parish Social Ministries in the parishes. St. Bernard's Parish Social Ministry has pledged to send all of our share received from Exercise for Others to be distributed through the churches in Levittown Puerto Rico.  Thank you to all who participated in the Exercise for Others and the collection at church.


You can make a direct payment to the fund that will be distributed through the parishes in Levittown, Puerto Rico at St. Bernard's Faith Direct Site. Click here for the direct link.


Renovating our Parish Campus

We mailed a proposal to all our registered parishioners asking for their input in a plan to solve the problem of the leaking church tower, to re-do the parking lot, to add a lobby to the church building and some other major changes as suggested by a recent engineering study. A feasibility study was completed this summer and we are awaiting diocesan approval for a funding campaign.
You can look at all the materials here.

Here is a copy of the mailing that was sent out.





Click to view a ten-minute video with a more thorough explanation of the proposal.




Bernard Wear Available For Fall

Show your parish pride around Levittown and beyond by sporting an official Saint Bernard's t-shirt, hooded sweatshirt, polo shirt, or jacket. To make these affordable we're selling them at just a smidge over our cost and the good news is that you can now order and pay for them online with our secure PayPal account using PayPal or your own credit card.
Allow a couple of weeks to receive your order as they are being made as the orders come in. 
Visit our  to see all that's available.


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 At Long Last, WATER!

On Super Bowl Sunday, the Charitable Kidz of Saint Bernard's invited the parish to donate funds towards the building of a well in Ochagbe, Nigeria, Father Patrick's hometown. While they hoped to raise $5000, $15000 was collected instead, making it possible for the well and tanks to be installed. 

Click on the photo of the drilling rig to see the story of this project and the final results. And thank you to the many people who participated so generously in this project.


Join Father Ralph up on the school roof for a 360 degree look at Levittown on the night of July 4th. The whole town was lit up in celebration.

And oh yes,  there's a cute "commercial" for you to enjoy (and we hope take advantage of) after the fireworks.






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St. Bernard's Mission Statement

Richard Yankowski

Wake: Sunday, January 7th • 2-4:30 & 7- 9:30pm • Wagner's, Hickville
Mass: Monday, January 8th • 10am • St Bernard's

Ida Della Valle

Wake: Sunday, January 7th • 2-5pm & 7-9pm • O'Shea, Wantagh
Funeral Mass:Monday, January 8th • 11 am • St Bernard's

 Rosette Miles

Wake: Tuesday January 9th • 2-5pm & 7-9pm • Donohue Cesare, Westbury
Funeral Mass:Wednesday, January 10th • 10 am • St Bernard's

Julia Lasky

Wake: Wednesday, January 9th • 2-5pm & 7-9pm • Dalton's Levittown
Funeral Mass: Wednesday, January 10th • 11 am • St Bernard's

 Maurine P. McNamara

Wake: Wednesday, January 10th • 2-5pm & 7-9pm • O'Shea, Wantagh
Funeral Mass: Thursday, January 11th • 10 am • St Bernard's

Catherine T. Lang

Wake: Wednesday, January 10th • 2-5pm & 7-9pm • Dalton's Levittown
Funeral Mass: Thursday January 11th • 11 am • St Bernard's

 Rudolph Breyer

Funeral Mass: Saturday January 13th • 10:30 am • St Bernard's

 Jane Filippello

Wake: Monday, January 15th • 2-5pm & 7-9pm • Dalton's Levittown
Funeral Mass: Tuesday January 16th • 9:30am • St Bernard's

Joseph A. Gannon

Wake: Sunday ONLY, January 14th • 2-5pm & 7-9pm • Dalton's Levittown
Funeral Mass: Tuesday January 16th • 11am • St Bernard's

 Joseph S. Carrigan

Wake: Tuesday January 16th • 2-5pm & 7-9pm • Dalton's Levittown
Funeral Mass: Wednesday  January 17th • 10am • St Bernard's


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