Adult Continuing Religious Education

 "... to teach as Jesus did means
calling and equipping all Christians

of every age and stage of life 
to fulfill their baptismal call to holiness 
in family, Church and society -
their mission to evangelize and transform the world 
into a more caring and just society..." 

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops,
Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us: A Pastoral Plan for Adult Faith Formation in the United States, 1999 
At St. Bernard's, we seek to form and nurture the faith of all of our parishioners " from womb to tomb." The Catholic Church wisely observes that since adults are the ones who have the greatest ability to understand and respond to the call of Jesus to "follow me" and to transform society, providing opportunity for adults to grow in faith and put it into action should be the top priority in parish faith formation. In keeping with this mandate, St. Bernard's parish offers ongoing opportunities for adults of all ages and interests to deepen their spiritual lives and their understanding of the Catholic faith, and to explore ways to bring the presence of Christ to their homes, communities and workplaces. 
We believe we CAN change the world - one committed Catholic Christian adult at a time ! 




  Scripture Meditations and Faith-Sharing:

  3 Tuesday evenings starting May 30, 7:30-8:45 p.m.
  Parish Center


This program, lead by theologian, catechist and author Jim Philipps, is a series of three meditations on Scripture which will lead us to reflect, pray and talk about Christian attitudes towards wealth and the just distribution of resources, and to reflect on our own attitudes about it.  Have we at times compromised the values and vision of Jesus and the Church for our own comfort?

Please sign up by May 26.

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Informal study/discussion groups for Catholics 20s-40s**

4 Thursday mornings starting July 6, 10:00-11:30 a.m. on the Great Lawn next to the Church.

Come sit outside  and learn and discuss with others like you questions about the Catholic faith. All questions/doubts welcome!  No pre-registration needed; just come - and bring a friend!

**Awakening Faith groups are for younger Catholic adults who are seeking to better understand and connect with their Catholic faith.  Topics include Are you Spiritual?, Why does Jesus Matter, Why does Mass Matter, Why does the Church Matter,  and other topics selected by the participants.  No questions off base.  No judgment.

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Interested, but can't make the scheduled times?
We can form a group at a time convenient for you with just six interested people.  Fill in this form, and we'll contact you.

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Annual Summer Faith in Film Festival
 hosted by resident Film Critics Deacon John Blakeney and Father Augustine

 Beginning Wednesday evenings in July; watch the parish bulletin, website and Facebook page for dates and titles.


Friday Nights With the Saints

10 Monthly Friday Nights; next meeting is April 21, 7:30-9:00 p.m. in the Parish Center

Join Pastoral Associate Diane Vella and your fellow parishioners in reading and discussing the popular book My Life with the Saints, by Father James Martin, S.J.  We'll explore how Biblical people like Mary, Joseph and Peter, and people from our tradition like Joan of Arc, Francis of Assisi and Therese of Lisieux, as well as modern people like Thomas Merton, Dorothy Day and Mother Teresa are "saints" by simply being the people God made them to be.

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