If you need a baptism certificate...

You may be getting married at a church, or just want or need a copy of your baptism certificate for some other reason.  A baptism certificate can be obtained only from the church at which you were baptized, or, if for some exceptional reason you were not baptized in a church, the church where the baptism was recorded.  It is the only official record that you have been baptized and are thereby considered a member of the Catholic Christian community.

If you are sure you were baptized at St. Bernard’s, you may request a copy of your baptism certificate in person at the parish office, by phone or by online. We can normally locate your baptism record and provide a certificate within 48 hours of your inquiry.  We will need the following information, so please include this information when you contact us:

-   your full name at the time of your baptism
-   your date of birth
-   your approximate date of baptism (month and year, if possible; or at least the year)
-   your father's first and last name;  your mothers first name, maiden name and last name
-   the address to which you want the certificate mailed – you may also arrange to pick it up in person.

Call or come to the parish office during office hours.

You can request a certificate online by using the form below. These requests are responded to during weekday office hours.

Request a Baptismal Certificate




If you need a Godparent/Sponsor Certificate...

First, here is a little review of what the requirements of a godparent or confirmation sponsor are:

The role of godparent/sponsor is an important one for the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation. The Church sees the godparent/sponsor as a fully-initiated Catholic who supports the one receiving the sacrament with example and instruction. Because of the seriousness of this ministry, the Church has the following requirements:

 •The godparent/sponsor must be a fully-initiated member of the Catholic Church through Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist.
• The godparent/sponsor must be at least sixteen (16) years of age.
             -- A pastor may, for good reason waive the age requirement. A Catholic godparent/sponsor who is younger than 16 must have already been confirmed.
• The godparent/sponsor must have an active life of faith in the Church and provide good example. 
             -- Someone married outside the Church is not able to receive Communion and is not able to be a sponsor. 
             -- Also, a Catholic who has left the Church is not able to be a sponsor of a new member into the Church.
             -- Therefore, a Catholic who has left the Catholic Church cannot be a sponsor, and cannot be a "Christian witness" if they join another Christian communion.
•  The godparent/sponsor cannot be either parent.
• When there are two godparents, they are “spiritual parents” and are to be a godfather and godmother.

 Christian Witness – (A baptized non-Catholic Christian)

 Provided there is one Catholic godparent, a baptized non-Catholic Christian may serve as a Christian witness. This person is a Christian witness and not a sponsor.

 Requirements to be a Christian Witness:
    -- at least sixteen years old
    -- a validly baptized Christian
    -- living an upright life
    -- cannot be either parent
    -- cannot be a Catholic who has left the Church

 A Christian witness may never be a non-baptized person. For example, Jewish or Muslim godparents are not permitted by universal church law.

Here is a link to the godparent and sponsor certificate (the same certificate is used for either).  

It is to be filled in by the person who is to be the godparent/sponsor and signed by a pastoral staff member of St. Bernard's. (All pastoral staff members have been designated by the pastor to be signers of this certificate.)