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You're getting all the latest news and closing information about our religious education program here. 

For closing information please check:

Our website at on Rel Ed News)

 News 12 or Fios 1

or call the Religious Education center at 516-731-8511 (ONLY - do not call the rectory) for a recorded message .


The Religious Education Office will be open intermittently 


Closed Friday 




Re-registration forms were due on August 1st !

There is still time to MAIL them in.

If you did not receive your Re-registration form in the mail please call the Religious Education Center at 516-731-8511 or email us at


Attention Parents of Children entering 1st Grade in September 2017 it’s time to Register for Religion!

Please click on the link below for details on how to register ! 

How to Register a New 1st Level Student


Families that are already in our program

Information on how to register a new 1st year student for our Level I GIFT program will be included on the Re-registration form.
You DO NOT have to come into the Religious Education Center to register a new 1st year student . 
Please fill out a NEW student registration form (see link below) and return it with you family's Re-registration form . 

NEW 1st Year Student Registration Form  

For information Regarding our New 1st Year Growing In Faith Together (GIFT) Program (including 2017-2018 meetings and events)

please click HERE.


Opening Day Schedule 2017-2018


  1st Level GIFT Meeting                                                                                    October 18 OR 21 (parents)  

  2nd Level Monday Students                                                                            Monday Sept 25 at 4:15

   2nd Level Thursday Students                                                                        Thursday October 5 at 4:15

   Level 2 WEEKDAY Parents please plan to stay on the First day of class for a Parent Meeting

   2nd Level Saturday Students                                                                         Saturday Sept 23 at 9:00

   SATURDAY Parents please plan to stay on the First Day of class for some brief announcements. 

    Parent Meeting will be on Saturday September 30. 


  3,4,5 Level Monday Students *                                                                         Monday Sept 18 at 4:15

  3,4,5 Level Wednesday Students *                                                                   Wednesday  Sept 20 at 4:15

  3,4,5 Level Thursday Students *                                                                      Thursday Sept 28 at 4:15 

  Afternoon 3rd, 4th and 5th Level program day is assigned by public school attended as follows:

  Monday - Abbey Lane Students  Wednesday - Northside, Island Trees, Lee Rd, & Misc Students
  Thursday - Gardiners Avenue & Summit Lane.

  3rd, 4th and 5th Level Parents please plan to stay on the First day of class for a Parent Meeting .


  6th Level   Students                                                                                                Monday Sept 25 at 7:15

   **Please note the starting time for Level 6 **               Parent Meeting Monday September 25 at 7:15 


  7th Level Students                                                                                                Thursday Sept 28 at 7:30

  8th Level Students                                                                                                Wednesday Sept 27 at 7:30

  7th & 8th Grade Parent Meetings are scheduled in October. More information to follow. 


  Special Needs All Grades                                                                                     Saturday October 14 at 10:00



  ALL students report directly to the cafeteria on the 1st day for Teacher and classroom assignment.






  For Communion and Confirmation News click on the buttons below.

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