Father Nohs Best
Thank you for the well wishes

First I want to say thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Even though Fr. Ralph did it as an April Fool’s joke by having every one turn to the camera and say hi, I was able to hear many of you over the “Mass Cam” wishing me well. I was able to even share with the other folks in the hospital what our Easter Vigil looked like.



It broke my heart that I could not be here with you to celebrate Easter. I have been holding back my Alleluia for so long. But don’t worry. You know I will more than make up for it.



 Secondly, what happened? To make a long story short, my leg was bothering me and I had the shakes, confusion, and 102 fever. I went to the doctor’s office right away and he said, and I quote, “which hospital do you want to go to, because you are going there right now?” I have cellulitis in the left leg.

This was Holy Thursday and I asked the doctor if he could give me an antibiotic and I promise to go in on Monday AFTER Easter. He wasn’t gentle when he said, if I didn’t go now, I may not be around to enjoy “after Easter.” Message received!


I have to tell you something. My hospital stay was great. I am so glad I chose to go to St. Joseph’s hospital. I had great doctors, nurses, and all the aides and assistants. Plus the food was actually really good. My roommate was great as well. His name was Ed and he allowed me to take this selfie with him. (See photo) You know when you’re in the hospital and you just want to keep that curtain between you closed. Not us. Every time the nurses closed the curtain either Ed or I would say… “Could you leave the curtain opened please. We actually like each other. ” LOL  And what a loving family he has. It made me want to have kids….. uh, “APRIL FOOLS.” LOL Honestly, I couldn’t have had a better roommate. And from his wife to his grandchildren, they made me feel like family.


I know many of you asked if you could visit. Thank you for your thoughts on this, but to be honest, it would have been crazy. Because, speaking of family, my family made their visits as well. And that kept the door rotating enough. J Even though I missed Easter meal with my family my sister-in-law snuck in an Easter Meal of Raviolis and Meatballs and Sausages. Out of this world. And she made a dish for Ed as well.

Of course I have a million stories to tell; and you know that you will soon hear them in my homilies; as if you really want to hear them. LOL But from the E.R. visit where people thought I was there for THEM, to the nurses aide who got so nervous when she found out I was a priest. And then all of the priests that came to visit me only made her more nervous. And you know what people do when they get nervous? They tend to say the wrong things. It was just too funny.


So anyway, here I am. Back home. I will be on light duty for awhile. I still have the cellulitis, but I am on oral medication for now. If it doesn’t go away with the orals then I will have to go back to the IV antibiotics. But if it gets worse I will be back at the hospital for an even longer stay. So please be patient with me. And keep the prayers going.

I love you all so much.

God be with you always and in all ways.

Fr. Joe