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Sunday, March 11th

Thank you to everyone who sent a get well selfie.
Thanks to Bishop Murphy who celebrated the 10:30 Mass for me.




I was able to stop in to celebrate Elena's 30th Birthday. Not sure how this happened as I remember holding her as an infant.
Wasn't that just about yesterday?

Monday March 12th

Can you tell which knee was replaced?

Can you tell that Jackie was having too much fun fixing it?

Tuesday Through Friday...

Sorry I didn't do a daily post.
But things were boringly the same...
Little sleep at night.
PT by Day.
Slowly getting better.

Dharmesh does his (ouch) healing (ouch) thing.

Saturday, March 17th • Happy St Patrick's Day

Finished Saturday at the Seminary in Huntington where parishioner Al Matousek was installed in the ministry of Acolyte -- one more step closer to ordination as a future deacon.

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