Levittown Sport Teams Present

"Fourth and Goal"
An afternoon of support for Saint Bernard’s Church “Let’s Build!” Project    

Sunday November 18th



Hosted at La Focaccia
70 East Village Green, Levittown, NY 11756
Free Pizza
Starts at 2pm • Presentation will be at 3:00


Our “Fourth and Goal” event is designed to spread the latest news about the Saint Bernard’s renovation project
and help to reach their fundraising goal, which is VERY close!

This event is for members of Saint Bernard’s parish and their friends.
The church does so much for the community and this is one way we as a sports community can help make a difference for the future of our children and the Levittown Community.

The renovation project includes:
• Taking down the leaking and deteriorating tower
• Putting up a church steeple
• Building a bigger lobby
• Redesigning entrances and parking
• Adding lights to the parking lot
• Streamlining the offices for better service

Did you know?

The Levittown community is involved in different ways.

Division Ave and MacArthur High Schools' architect class students offered designs for the new lobby last semester? We'll be showing some of their work at the "Fourth and Goal" event.




So we welcome you to this event if you're a member of Saint Bernard's Parish (or friends with parishioners) and are  involved in Levittown sports (in our schools, CYO, or in other local sports organizations) : Football, Baseball, Basketball, Lacrosse, Cheerleading, Soccer, Wrestling, Track and Field, Volleyball, Bowling, Badminton, Swimming, Hockey, Softball, Dance Teams, Golf, Tennis, Karate, Cross Country, Kickline, etc... Marching Band and Color Guard are also welcome to come over for our event. (Hey even if you've only watched a sport once, feel free to come!)
We hope you'll join us for an enjoyable and informative afternoon where we can make a difference in helping our church.