Bereavement Support Group

Bereavement support groups meet for several weeks in the spring and fall, to meet the needs of the newly bereaved, bereaved parents and the loved ones of those who died by suicide.  Each group is led by a trained facilitator.  Schedules vary according to need, but information about the groups is published in the bulletin, circulated to neighboring parishes, and can be obtained by calling the Parish Social Ministry office. (516)731-6074. Dr. Lou Sabatini, in addition to facilitating the groups, offers a training program for those who might be interested in facilitating a group in the future.


"Participating as a bereavement meeting facilitator
has enabled me to use a very painful experience in
my life in a positive way.  Navigating grief is a
difficult process.  Speaking with others who also
experienced loss was helpful to me in my journey. 
Therefore, I welcomed the opportunity to help others
navigating that same road." -- Dolores


 "We find great consolation
to be with people in the same
situation as us.
The special bereavement group
for those who have lost a child
gives you an outlet to talk
about your child and share
your feelings."
-- Marlene and Vic









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