Communion Update


Children need the experience of participating in Mass weekly to be fully prepared for the reception of their 1st Holy Communion. In both Levels of our Communion preparation program we focus on this essential part of our faith. In each level children are required to submit “Good Deed” coupons/envelopes for a minimum of 10 attended Masses to demonstrate their participation in Mass and therefore their level of preparedness to receive the Body of Jesus. This emphasizes the significance of Communion as part of the celebration of the Mass.

 Children who have NOT attended the 10 minimum required Masses have not demonstrated the commitment to being prepared for the reception of this sacrament and may therefore have the reception of their 1st Holy Communion delayed until they have demonstrated that they are properly prepared and have completed all their requirements. 





Whether your child has just received communion for the first time this year or whether you are enrolling your child in our program to prepare them for first communion and beyond, the number one thing to do during the summer is to come to Mass each week. Listen to God's Word together; join in the singing; receive Jesus into your hearts.
When the autumn comes around, time for formal religious education happens, but none of that is as important as coming to worship God each week. So…how can you plan to be successful in coming to church with your child?


For those enrolled in our Level One Communion program, you can read all about it and see

the schedule for meetings for 2019-2020 by clicking here.