What are the three traditional tasks of Lent?


   If you're looking to enter more deeply into a prayer life with God,
we invite you to consider some of these ways to pray and choose
to do something new...


  • Come to Mass >> This of course is the highest form of prayer and if regular attendance at Mass each Sunday (or Saturday night) is something you haven't been doing, now is the time to begin again.  If it's been a while, "try it again for the first time"!
    • SUPERSIZE THIS >> If you're a regular mass-goer, why not attend Mass during the week?  We have an 8am Mass each day. Nearby parishes have daily Mass at other times,
  • Read the Bible >> Find your bible and open it each day, and see what word, phrase or image captures your attention.  Then invite God to reveal a message to you.
    • SUPERSIZE THIS >> Read the readings for each day's Mass.  Click on the "Daily Readings" tab at the top of the parish webpage (do you see it at the top of this page?)
  • Walk 59 Steps >> Did you know that there are only 59 steps from the school gym to the church entrance?  (A few more from the main entrance to the school.)

So when you bring your children up for basketball practice or game, why not make a five minute prayer visit to the church before or after? You'll find it to be a quick and quiet way to be blessed and to get God's help with raising your family. |

    • SUPERSIZE THIS >> The children or grandchildren will also benefit from a church visit too so make it a stop on your way to or from anywhere nearby!


Of course this invitation is also for those who bring their children to Religious Education too -- and even if you don't have children or grandchildren, why not try a visit to church during the week during Lent?

And even if you're just using our parking lot as a cut-through to the neighborhood (though we wish you wouldn't for safety reasons), why not at least stop into the church for a prayer visit?


Come to the Lenten Mission >>



  • From Sunday March 10th through Wednesday,March 13th Father Kevin MacDonald will be leading our annual Lenten Mission.




  • Pray the Liturgy of the Hours >> If this is a new prayer for you, join in as we pray Morning Prayer in the Prayer Room after Weekday Mass.  Click Here for more info.
  • Make a tablet/smartphone prayer slideshow for your children >> Why not use today's technology to help your children pray?

Group photos of members of your family and other loved ones (like teachers and priests) into a prayer slideshow. Then, before bed, or some other suitable time, sit with your children and teach them to pray for those who you love. Swipe the screen and as each person's photo comes up, ask God to bless that person. You can use the same slideshow night after night -- children like the repetition. As a bonus, the last faces they see before they sleep are those who love them.

 SUPERSIZE THIS >> For children who are old enough, from time to time ask THEM to prepare the prayer slideshow -- they can occasionally vary it to include not only loved ones,  but intentions for things they are concerned about (e.g. safety of police or soldiers, healing of illness,  peace in war-torn areas of the world, etc.)

You might also consider using this technique with elderly relatives whose memory is fading. It makes praying with them easier as they look at the photos of people who love them.

Think about other ways to use technology and prayer.  For example when a parents is away on a business trip, use Facetime or Skype to join in saying bedtime prayers. Be creative!

  • Celebrate Evening Prayer on Wednesdays and/or Stations of the Cross on Fridays>> Two traditional prayers that lead us more deeply into the spirit of Lent
    • Evening Prayer at 7:30pm on most Wednesdays in Lent:  March 20, March 27, April 3rd & April 10th. Candles, music, incense, meditative prayer and guest preachers. 
    • Stations of the Cross on Friday evenings in English at 7:30.  En Español a las 8:15pm

If you know friends and neighbors in Levittown who speak and pray in Spanish, please let them know that we will be praying the stations in Spanish at 8:15 on Friday nights.

  • Walk Hempstead Turnpike for a Special Blessing for our Community >>  Each year, hundreds of people walk the stations of the cross along Hempstead Turnpike. Over the decades, many people have either lost their lives or been injured on the Turnpike.   On Saturday, April 6th we'll adapt the traditional Stations of the Cross as we remember how Jesus gave his life for us and ask him to bless our community and our nation.  Park your car in the Saint Bernard Parking lot and walk to the Levittown Veteran's Memorial Park (by the Library on Shelter Lane) for the start of the procession at 12noon.  We'll finish at Saint Bernard's.  Parents with children in strollers are invited for the walk. Bring your older children, teens, neighbors -- anyone who would appreciate being in unity with Jesus as we  pray for continued safety for all in our village. Dress for the weather. (Note: Cars are not permitted in the procession)