Level Four


Children in Level Four are developing in different ways.  They are often individualistic and competitive. They can often be worried or anxious. They complain about fairness and hurt feelings. They are critical of self and others. They need lots of encouragement. They are curious and are beginning to see “bigger world” including social issues. Because of these developments, a close connection to the church community is VERY helpful as they and their families navigate life together. A relationship with Jesus really helps so please keep bringing them to church.

Here are some elements of the fourth year:



• Family attendance at Mass every weekend.
    This is the most important way to continue the faith. 
    We especially recommend attendance at the 9am Family Mass for this age group.



• Weekly classes -- Level four classes are offered on Mondays, Wednesdays or Thursdays in the afternoon from 4:15 to 5:30
• We use the Be My Disciples Text. Check out the online site for this publication for extra features: kfta5g2cvmi84lvrlleal9p3ctl.jpg

• In Advent, Level Four celebrates a prayer service
in church with some of the children as readers. 
They are also introduced to the Advent Calendar
and participate in a "Christmas Present for Jesus".
For a service project they make cards for 
recovering military personnel at Walter Reed

•Focus on the Ten Commandments, The Beatitudes, and The Saints as role models
Stations of the Cross in Lent
Thanksgiving Food Drive
•In partnership with the Catholic Daughters of America,
   Valentines Cards made for Veterans in the Veteran's Hospital in 

Each Religion Class session starts with viewing a "Three Minute Conversation" with a young person in our parish.
You can see these here.




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