Level Six


Welcome to the wild ride that happens at this age. They enter this year as children, and finish the year by becoming a strange and unpredictable pre-adolescents who can be forgetful, competitive, challenging of authority figures, questioning, stubborn one moment and then cooperative the next. They speak before thinking, break rules, argues about consequences, resist difficult tasks, may be rude but not aware of the rudeness, can be sullen and withdrawn, yet sometimes silly and affectionate. we love them!

What helps during this time are routine and structure. So much is changing in their bodies and minds, that having something regular to fall back on is a comfort. Coming to church each weekend is one of those comforting things (despite occasional protests of "Why do we have to go to church?"). Families who send their children to religion class but then don't come to worship are sending mixed messages that play into the "it's OK to break the rules and do what I want" attitude that frustrates many parents. Stay the course. Come pray together. 

Make a note of our weekend Mass Schedule: Saturday 5pm;
Sunday 7:30am (early, but perfect for when you have a full day of activities ahead)
9am, 10:30am, 12noon and 5:30pm.

We use the Be My Disciples Text. Check out the online features of this publication here: 

Here are some of the features of Level Six:

• Students will be presented with their own copies of the New American Bible for class use. Weekly lessons introduce the lives of  saints, review the sacraments,  the beatitudes,  the ten commandments, focus on the holy Trinity and the liturgical seasons. We also introduce Old Testament stories and playlets for role playing opportunities in class. 

• They see the video "Champions of Faith" --- about people who witnessed our faith

• Fr. Ralph conducts two bible lessons with the students -- dramatic readings from the scriptures
         and a chance for in an easy question-answer session.

Stations of the Cross in Lent

Praying with Rocks Exercise -- a creative way to pray for others

• Make Cards for Nursing Home Residents

• Make Valentines Day Cards for veterans in the Veteran's Hospital in Northport

• Presentation on Bullying

• A teaching Mass is presented by Fr. Joe in which the parts of the Mass are explained, including the vessels and vestments


 Each Religion Class session starts with viewing a "Three Minute Conversation" with a young person in our parish.
You can see these here.







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