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For those enrolled in the program, the first thing you'll want to do is check out the page for your child's level. Click on the icon for your child's level.

There are over eight hundred children in our program. The goal of our program is to supplement the religious education that parents give their children. Parents are the first teachers of their children in the ways of faith. The volunteer catechists who meet with the children at St. Bernard's each week have only an hour to give an overview of our Catholic faith so the church depends on Moms and Dads to grow in their own faith and share that faith with their children.

The number one way that families grow in faith is by attending Mass each weekend. This is more important than attending classes. Classes certainly help explain faith, but the goal of faith is more about worshipping God. Please come worship God this Sunday.

When are the Masses?  
Saturday, 5pm; Sunday 7:30am, 9am ("Family Mass"), 10:30am (Mass with the adult choir), 12noon, 5:30pm (Mass with the teen music group)
Even though we say our 9am Mass is the "Family Mass", because it has special attention for children, we welcome families at ALL our masses!

Where should we sit in church?
Sit as much in front as possible. (Often the very first pew is unoccupied so sit right up there.) Children get a lot more out of worshipping when they can see what's going on. Worst place to sit? In the back "overflow room." So come a bit early to get good seats.

 Schedule of Class Times for 2018-2019

1st Level (Gift Program)                                                                                                            Parent Meetings (throughout the year )

2nd Level Saturday Students                                                                                                   Saturday  at 9:00-10:15

3,4,5 Level Monday Students                                                                                                    Monday  at 4:15-5:30

3,4,5 Level Wednesday Students                                                                                             Wednesday  at 4:15-5:30

3,4,5 Level Thursday Students                                                                                                 Thursday at 4:15-5:30

3rd, 4th and 5th Grades Afternoon program day is assigned by public school attended as follows:

 Monday – Abbey Lane           Wednesday – Northside, Island Trees, East Bdwy & Lee Rd       Thursday – Gardiners Ave & Summit Lane

6th Level  Students                                                                                                                  Monday at 7:15-8:30

7th Level Students                                                                                                                   Thursday  at 7:30-8:45

8th Level Students                                                                                                                   Wednesday at 7:30-8:45

Special Needs Gr 2-8                                                                                                               Saturday  at 10:00-11:00



Who leads the religious education program?

Classes are taught by volunteers led by our Religious Education Staff.
(Mrs. Connie Cole, coordinator levels 3-5; Mrs. Liz Bauerschmidt, Secretary;  Mrs. Laura Cardinale, coordinator Level 6;  Mr. Vincent Mineo, coordinator Level One and Two Communion) Mrs. Susan Martin, Religious Education Director: Special Needs and Levels 1 thru 6; Pat McDonough Religious Education Director: Confirmation Levels I and II.)


The Religious Education Office is located in the Clairvaux House just to the south of the church building.

Office hours are: Monday-Thursday 10:00am to 3:30pm
Contact the office for special summer hours in July and August.

The phone number is: (516) 731-8511
The fax number is (516)731-7860
To contact the office via e-mail, click here.