Pat Bearman

Pat Bearman and her husband Joel were married in 1977 years. She has been the Level Two Confirmation Coordinator since 2010 and has been a member of St. Bernard’s for over 38 years. Pat teaches mathematics to 5th and 6th graders at Trinity Regional School in East Northport and loves teaching. Earlier in her professional career, she was a LPN nurse at Hempstead General Hospital but decided to pursue her other love of teaching. Years ago she volunteered with our special needs students. When she taught grades seven and eight, she was invited by Sister Margaret to consider being a Coordinator for the religious education program. Being a woman of faith, loving the seventh grade age group and being an organized person, she accepted this challenge. She sees her role as that of a “guidance counselor” helping the confirmandi learn about their faith and fulfilling the requirements of the program. Whether she is arranging fire drills, creating lesson plans or collaborating with our staff, she feels the catechetical ministry is a calling. Next year, she will receive the Pope Pius X award for her years of dedication.
It’s interesting with her husband’s Jewish roots that their children were exposed to both the Old and New Testament. They celebrated Passover at nana’s and had fun hiding the matzos and lighting the menorah. Yet the family also experienced the spirit of Christmas and reveled in the spirituality of both the Advent and Christmas seasons. It was such a holy moment for her to be blessed by Pope Francis two years ago when her family traveled to Rome. And then to see him on television during his amazing spiritual tour of the US in 2015 enhanced her faith.