Phil Fassano

Phil Fasano, our level 8 Coordinator has been a member of St. Bernard’s for over 40 years. He has four children and several grandchildren. He credits his beloved wife, Judy of 39 years for getting him involved in the religious education program. Three years ago she entered into eternal life. Judy was in fact, coordinator of grades 2, 7 and 8 at one time. He worked closely with Msgr. Graham, Msgr. Ringenback, then Sister. Margaret for thirteen years, and now with our current staff. Phil received the Pope Pius X award for teaching for ten years from the diocese. In 2015 he received the Bishop John McGann award for volunteering in the catechetical ministry for thirty-five years.
Phil believes if he can bring one student closer to Jesus, then his ministry is worth the efforts. He enjoys when former students see him in the supermarket and confess to him “you used to be my teacher and I still go to church.” He hopes that our young people take to heart the words of Pope Francis. He prays they will have courage to speak up for their Christian values. Phil is a quality engineer for Precipart Corp (having worked for over 50 years) and in his spare time, he enjoys traveling across the seas. He loves to cook.