St Vincent de Paul Society

The St. Bernard Conference of St. Vincent de Paul meets in the Clairvaux House on Thursdays, beginning at 2:00 p.m.  At our meetings, we discuss how we might respond to the needs that are presented to us, consider how we might reach out to the community-at-large, what needs the Conference might have, pray for those we serve, and those who help us.  We also offer each other mutual support and encouragement in this important ministry.  Inquiries about membership should be directed to our Conference at (516) 735-3218.

Being a member of the St. Vincent DePaul Society
(Vincentian) has enabled me to volunteer in the
community in my retirement. As a nurse for fifty
years, my avocation has been to reach out to
others and help them to maintain not only their
optimum physical health but an awareness of their
individuality in God’s eyes. Vincentians assist
our neighbors in their temporal needs while helping
them gain a sense of personal responsibility and self-worth.
I am truly blessed to have been called to this mission
and to be among the special people in the
St. Bernard’s Conference.--Pat

Being a Vincentian is a very rewarding experience. 
My fellow Vincentians at St. Bernard's are the most
giving and caring people I have ever met. 
Having the opportunity with St. Vincent dePaul
to meet the needs of our low-income Levittown
neighbors is a blessing and helps me to appreciate
how fortunate I am in my own life.  I am grateful
for the privilege of being able to help those in need
and to experience the generosity of the people of
St. Bernard's Parish who are constantly donating
to our pantry.  I am able to serve God's people and
respond to his Gospel. -- Ronnie







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