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You can now pay your Religious Education Tuition using PayPal !

Our Religious Education Tuition covers most of the program expenses -- St Bernard's Parish subsidizes our program from the weekly collection.
And great news... if you're a regular donor at Saint Bernard's Church (that is if you use the church contribution envelopes, or even better, you contribute online through Faith Direct) and you've contributed at least $200 between April of last year and March of this year, you'll get a discount this year. if you're not sure, see the re-registration form that was mailed to you or call the Religious Ed Office at 516 731-8511.

Remember : After you have made your payment please MAIL  your  re-registration form in with you receipt from PayPal for your registration process to be completed. 

Number of Children Regular Tuition Discount Tuition
1 $195 $100
2 $260 $150
3 or more $370 $175

Click here to pay the regular tuition.


Click here if you've qualified for the donor discount:  


If you are teaching as a catechist in program this year:

Families with children with special needs