Staff Member: Deacon Jim Flannery

Deacon Jim Flannery

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Deacon James Flannery has been assigned to Saint Bernard Parish since 2011. He taught here in the parish Catholic school from 1971-1979. (The school has since closed.) Deacon Jim is a people person. As a husband, father and grandparent, he loves Pope Francis' call for Mercy and Compassion, and has made this part of his ministry over these 28 years. People are so stressed, and the world is complex. They should find a home away from home here in our parish community. Deacon Jim is assigned to Altar Servers, and along with his wife, Marie, assists with the Focus and Pre-Cana programs, as well as the Baptismal gathering. It is his hope that we can bring people to grow and make Jesus part of their life each day through the ministries at St. Bernard's.

Photo of Deacon Jim Flannery