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Confirmation seals our Baptism with the Gift of the Holy Spirit. While it is certainly encouraged, Confirmation is not required for marriage in the church. It is required for a person to be a godparent or sponsor for another. In fact, Confirmation ought to be sought when a person is ready to re-affirm his/her Baptism as a committed, faithfully involved Catholic -- acting more like Jesus, serving others, and attending Mass each weekend. 

Our youth confirmation program is a two year process that often begins in the 7th grade, though parents and young people themselves could decide to begin the process at a later date if they are not yet ready to commit themselves to being full members of the church. Confirmation is a new beginning, not a graduation from religion. In the first year of the process, a person declares himself/herself a candidate at a special Mass. There are weekly classes and special gatherings with parents and candidates. Candidates complete community service hours and continue to look for ways to serve others. We encourage families to do service together. Confirmation is typically celebrated during the Easter Season of the second year of the preparation.

There are also high school and adult Confirmation programs that are designed around the particular needs for spiritual formation of those seeking the sacrament.

If you have any questions about being confirmed at St. Bernard's, contact the Children's Religious Education Office (516) 731-8511 (for those under 18) or (516) 731-4220, ext. 143 (for those over 18), or use the form below.