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First communion is exactly that: the FIRST time someone receives the Eucharist. More important than the first time, is the regular practice of receiving Jesus in Eucharist week after week. We begin to prepare children for this Sacrament when their parents think they are ready, that is they are able to understand that host is the Body of Christ and they are ready to make a commitment to coming to Mass each week. The preparation process takes place over two years, often beginning with the first grade, but parents bring their children for communion in later years as well. 

To begin the process, families should be registered in the parish and enroll the child(ren) in our Religious Education Program. During the time of formation, children are also prepared for the Sacrament of Penance.  There are parent meetings and special retreat days for the children and their parents.

If any parent is not currently receiving communion for any reason whatever and desires to do so in time for his/her child's communion, please be sure to speak with one the priests or staff members about this. Don't wait til the last minute. We can be very helpful in connecting adults to communion as well.

If you have any questions regarding first communion for children, call our Religious Education Office (516) 731-8511 or fill in the form below.